Vashikaran Mantra for Love marriage

vashikaran mantra for love marriage

Vashikaran mantra for love marriage is the most sought-after relationship on the world because every person desires about getting married to the love of their life and building a family together.

But if you are unfortunate in doing so for the person you love, then do not worry because vashikaran mantras for love marriage will help you control the mind of the person you love and get them into marrying you. Since love marriage is a big decision, you have got to be sure about it. If you have made up your mind then perform the below-mentioned mantras to get the love your life and also, marry them. As a result very soon your all problem will be solve by this mantra.

Below given are a few spells that you can perform yourself:

1. Lemon Love Spell

  • This is a very simple and effective love spell. To perform this spell you will need- lemon, pink paper, and a red ribbon.
  • Write your and your ex’s name on the piece of paper, and very carefully cut the lemon in half.
  • Now fold the paper, such that both the names are on each other.
  • Sandwich circular pieces of lemon in between both the names.
  • Now tie this with the red ribbon to hold it together.
  • Imagine you patching up with your ex-lover while holding this.
  • Now hide the lemon bundle somewhere behind in your freezer, such that, no one can see it.
  • Your ex will be back within a month.

2. Found Coin Spell

  • Write your ex-lover’s name on the inner side of the envelope with your own handwriting.
  • Now rub the rosemary on the coin.
  • Hold the rosemary and coin in your hand, while chanting the name of your ex-lover.
  • Remember to turn your face first from North then South, East and then west. You might use a
    compass if you feel.
  • Now seal the coin inside the envelope and insert it in a tube.
  • Kiss it and roll it with a red ribbon.
  • Keep it somewhere special that is memorable to you and your love.
  • Now toss the rosemary with a breeze of your mouth, while it flies away to make a wish to get
    back with your life.

Mantra to Marry a Person You Want

Perform the below-mentioned mantras and marry whoever you wish.

vashikaran mantra to marry particular person

1. Sweet Apple Enchantment Spells

  • Cut the apple exactly in the middle to see its star which is formed by the seeds.
  • Spread Honey to both the halves.
  • Twist both the strands in a braid.
  • Now put this braid within the two halves and tie the apple with a ribbon.
  • Bury this apple outside your residence deep under the ground.

2. Your Heart by My Bath Spell

  • Run yourself a hot water bath and light 4 candles on all the 4 corners of the bath.
  • Now take the piece of paper and draw out a large heart with the red marker.
  • Write down your lover’s name with yours right in the middle of this heart.
  • Rub a drop of oil on the opposite corners of the paper. Now fold it into quarters.
  • Hold the paper in your hand and chant both your names out loud.
  • Never unfold the paper, instead of tearing it into small bits of papers and drop in the hot bath.
  • Now get yourself in the tub and stir the water to dissolve the paper bits. Rub the pieces on your body.
  • Stay in the water until before the paper is completely submerged.

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